"Tote" Sandy Bird
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I REMEMBER.......  
I miss Tote more than anyone will ever know.  I think of her every day and sometimes cry and sometimes laugh out loud.  She was a very simple person.  Life was fairly easy and she never got over whelmed or frustrated.  She loved to laugh.  We would talk on the phone at night and she would say, "I shouldn't say this to anyone, but I can tell you."  That would give her permission to tell me everything she knew about anybody we could think of to talk about.  We would just laugh and laugh.  

When I think of Tote, I think of sharing.  (Not just a sandwich.)  She was very sharing and would give you anything she had or at least let you borrow it and not ever make you bring it back. 

She was always kind to others and loved her family members the most a Mom or Grandmother could love someone.  I regret that my Son will not have the influence from Tote.  He is really missing out on a lot of love and for sure a damn good time.  She was so funny.  

Debbie, her youngest daughter, myself and Tote would go to Destin Florida in September and that was such a great time.  We would stop half-way, somewhere in Alabama at a State Park rest area and have lunch at the concrete picnic table.  We had a pimentto cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit (1/2 of one of course, the sandwich I mean.  She would allow a whole piece of fruit.)  Tote made the best pimentto cheese in the whole wide world  I can't eat it anymore because I can't make it the same.  I am going to keep trying though.  It had to do with the pickles she put it there.  In Destin, Tote slept in each morning.  I kept her up quite late at night on the balcony drinking and talking, 3:00 AM once.  Her favorite time of day was watching the sunset.  She would take her short chair and sit right at the edge of the water and watch the sunset while she waited to be served snacks and adult beverages, by Debbie & Mo.  I will always go back to that spot and think happy thoughts of Tote.  Oh yea, you know, you or me like sand because it's in Florida or because you can build a castle or etc.  Tote liked the sand because you could mix it with a little water and rub it on your heels, like foot scrub to make them soft.  Go figure.  That was my Grandmother, always thinking of the health benefit.  Or a way to get good use out of something instead of wasting it.  

The things that remind me of Tote are:  X's & O's (example xoxoxoxo on a card), Pimento cheese, rolls of pennies, Mama Mia, Matillda, Raga Muffin, Cleaning out a closet or drawer, sewing on a button (which I refuse to do), Florida, Turtles, Scotch and many more things that I will have to ad later.


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